Dr. Dennis McLeod


Thank you for visiting! I am so excited to have you here to connect, explore, create, and improve every part of you! My name is Dr. Dennis McLeod and I am a psychologist, mental health consultant, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practitioner, and mindfulness teacher. I am a proud alumnus of Morehouse College and completed graduate studies at the University of Florida. My clinical interests and areas of expertise include Black men's mental health, identity, trauma and coping.  Connect with me through the contact information below!

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Congratulations! Your search landed you on the page of a trauma-informed, compassionate, and affirming psychologist. Hello. My Name is Dr. Dennis McLeod- a proud Morehouse Man and graduate of The University of Florida. My journey has taught me that life is hard and the road to success can be isolating and lonely-especially in settings that lack diversity. This is further complicated when asking for help is frowned upon because of cultural mistrust and expectations. All of this may cause hesitation or lead to unwarranted self-appraisal when you should be- instead- celebrating your accomplishments, strength and resiliency!

You deserve the gifts that therapy offers. My role is to help you challenge the sea of negative voices and those self-critical tapes; especially those linked to adverse life experiences, trauma, low self-esteem, low self-worth, societal expectations, and legacy burdens. As a "professional blind-spot seer," I look forward to helping you dive deep and thrive.

I am here to help because, if left unchecked, this can breed Depression, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Burnout and even physical pain. I am passionate about demystifying therapy and creating treatment that meets Black and brown people's needs- especially those burdened with "Being the First" and constantly told “not mess up.” Reach out and let's get started!