Supporting the Bridge

What is Supporting the Bridge?

Supporting the Bridge (StB) is a mindfulness-based curriculum created by Dr. McLeod that finds creative ways to support students of color. The overarching intention is to improve sense of balance & wellness through studies, enhance stress management skills, and cultivate a meaningful mindfulness practice.

Four Anchors of StB

Without anchors, a bridge cannot hold. We have carefully designed this course to have four anchors (modules) that help improve balance and resilience for years to come. These anchors are:

  • Wellness & Balance Foundations

  • Input & Output

  • Boundaries & Identity

  • Resources & Future Directions

Why StB?

Students of Color face a different set of challenges and are less likely to have their mental health needs treated. Studying at Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) might require additional support for students from diverse backgrounds. StB helps develop the necessary skills and support to maximize mental health and wellness for successful matriculation.

Providing support to balance identities as both POC and scholars can bolster success. By doing so, we aid students, programs, and their faculty. We see it as a win win!

[Supporting the Bridge] has helped me be more aware of things I do that are not the healthiest for my mind and body. Which has helped…to fix those problems.”

“Sometimes [I] wish it was multiple classes a week. Since an hour goes by so fast!”

My biggest takeaway was that mindfulness is really important and needed to maintain my wellbeing!”

“Being more aware…will help you deal with stress and other emotional challenges. Mediation practice during class has helped me take a step back and help re-evaluate how I am doing!"

“[I] found that practicing mindfulness and being aware of how I'm doing has helped!”